2008 Adventure Ultra-Triathlon


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to the Gulf of Mexico

2,734 Miles

Complete: January 2, 2009

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Several years back I had spoken with someone who had kayaked the entire length of the Mississippi River. I had a tremendous amount of interest in the trip, but in contemplating doing a similar trip myself, I wanted to take it up another level by starting in Canada and trying to connect into the Mississippi River before finishing up in the Gulf of Mexico.

The trip will begin in the Red River in Winnipeg. From the Red River I will need to connect to the Boix de Sioux and Minnesota Rivers before finally connecting to the Mississippi River and heading down to the Gulf. I am planning on paddling 25 to 30 miles a day. The number is variable do to the uncertainty of water flow in the rivers at any given time.

There will also be numerous portages. One particular portage changing river systems will be at least five miles. In addition, the first 500 miles or so will be against the current. I will also be competing for river space with barges and tugs, not to mention dealing with dams, locks and power stations. Oh, and the same bears that were on the Appalachian Trail hang out along the rivers as well.

Addendum: There has been a slight change in plans in that while this trip was to initially be solo, my friend Kobie, from New Zealand, has decided to join me. He is chronicling his adventures at www.roadwarriorsnews.com