2008/9 Adventure Ultra-Triathlon


Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mount Katahdin, Maine

2,176 Miles

Complete: June 9th 2009

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4/2/09: OK, the plan to get back on the trail has come together. I will be continuing from where I left off in Great Barrington, Massachusetts on May 6th. It will be spring, muddy, riddled with bugs and probably devoid of other hikers, making this a very different hike then the southern and central parts of the trail last summer. On a positive note, it will be tranquil and there should be no shortage of water along the trail. As usual, I will be posting updates right here.

I have been fortunate enough to hike sections of the Appalachian Trail, most recently a three day hike in Vermont , but doing a thru-hike has been on my to do list for a long time.

The Appalachian Trial is approximately 2,175 miles in length and varies slightly due to periodic trail rerouting. The AT passes through 14 states, 8 National Forests and 2 National Parks. The trail ranges in elevation from 124 feet at the Hudson River in Bear Mountain State Park in New York to 6,643 feet at Klingman’s Dome, Tennessee.

I am planning on hiking an average of 23 miles a day. I will be going fairly lightweight, using a 50-liter pack. On the three-day hike in Vermont, I averaged 16.6 miles a day. Being right after the bike ride, my legs should be in fairly good shape, so I think that 23 miles is a reasonable distance to cover in a day. The main problem is that my feet will not be used to the pounding. Well, that and the bears…