2008 Adventure Ultra-Triathlon


Los Angeles, California to New York, New York

4,241 Miles

Complete: April 6th 2008

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I thoroughly enjoyed doing my cross-country bike ride in 2005. When I was finished though, the ride still didnít feel complete. I knew then that I needed to close the loop and do the return trip to New York via a different route. I just wasnít sure when. My intention is to leave Los Angeles (my end point in 2005) on February 7, 2008 for the ride back to New York. I am planning on taking a southern route across the US and meeting the Atlantic Ocean near St. Augustine, Florida, before making the turn north up the east coast. I have a few stops planned along the way at points of interest as well as to visit some friends.

I am planning to ride on average 90 miles a day. Looking back at my 2005 ride, that was about my daily average west of the Rockies to San Francisco and a pace I think I can realistically keep. My daily mileage will of course be subject to the weather. In 2005 I had a few very short days due to getting snowed in, which I am hoping to avoid. I am also hoping that all the wind that was in my face in 2005 will now be at my back. Somehow I have the feeling it wonít work exactly that way though.

The map below is of a potential route and one that I am intending to generally keep. I do enjoy thing to be spontaneous, so the route may change somewhat for any number of reasons, ranging from road conditions to including another point of interest.