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I didnít necessarily plan in which town I was going to stop each day, but generally started out the day with a few thoughts as to a short, medium and long option. Some days I would ride 110 miles and think I could easily ride on, while others I would ride 60 and feel terrible. I never rode in the dark and generally started right after rush hour. As I moved further west and traffic was less of an issue, I would start earlier.

Hotel selection depended on what was available, how much pampering I thought I might need, if they had Wi-Fi or a free breakfast and the presence of a hot tub was a plus. After a long day pedaling it was nice to have a hot shower and a comfy bed.

Below is the list of towns I rode from/to each day and the mileage. In most instances mapping software will give a shorter, possibly much shorter distance, but staying off highways, detours and the like can tack on mileage.

Day   Start Finish Mileage
1 New York, NY Kenville, NJ 45.9 Miles
2 Kenville, NJ Stroudsburg, PA 45.4 Miles
3 Stroudsburg, PA Drums, PA 57.2 Miles
4 Drums, PA Lewisburg, PA 49.9 Miles
5 Lewisburg, PA State College, PA 58.6 Miles
6 State College, PA Punxsutawney, PA 80.6 Miles
7 Punxsutawney, PA Butler, PA 59.9 Miles
8 Butler, PA West Jackson, OH 58.7 Miles
9 West Jackson, OH Brunswick, OH 64.7 Miles
10 Brunswick, OH Bowling Green, OH 100.2 Miles
11 Bowling Green, OH Kendallville, OH 95.8 Miles
12 Kendallville, OH La Porte, IN 87.4 Miles
13 La Porte, IN Chicago, IL 72.5 Miles
14 Chicago, IL Rochelle, IL 76.7 Miles
15 Rochelle, IL Maquoketa, IA 100.7 Miles
16 Maquoketa, IA Cedar Rapids, IA 65.4 Miles
17 Cedar Rapids, IA Newton, IA 88.1 Miles
18 Newton, IA Ames, IA 48.3 Miles
19 Ames, IA Denison, IA 95.9 Miles
20 Denison, IA South Sioux City, NE   74.9 Miles
21 South Sioux City, NE    Yankton, SD 68.2 Miles
22 Yankton, SD Wagner, SD 58.2 Miles
23 Wagner, SD Winner, SD 100.9 Miles
24 Winner, SD Kadoka, SD 116.3 Miles
25 Kadoka, SD Badlands NP, SD 45.9 Miles
26 Badlands NP, SD Rapid City, SD 76.5 Miles
27 Rapid City, SD New Castle, WY 86.5 Miles
28 New Castle, WY Wright, WY 73.2 Miles
29 Wright, WY Casper, WY 91.5 Miles
30 Casper, WY Shoshoni, WY 99.0 Miles
31 Shoshoni, WY Riverton, WY 23.1 Miles
32 Riverton, WY Dubois, WY 79.2 Miles
33 Dubois, WY Dubois, WY 17.9 Miles
34 Dubois, WY Jackson, WY 67.7 Miles
35 Jackson, WY Idaho Falls, WY 90.7 Miles
36 Idaho Falls, WY Arco, ID 67.3 Miles
37 Arco, ID Gooding, ID 100.1 Miles
38 Gooding, ID Meridian, ID 113.9 Miles
39 Meridian, ID Vale, OR 64.8 Miles
40 Vale, OR Burns, OR 113.0 Miles
41 Burns, OR Lakeview, OR 139.1 Miles
42 Lakeview, OR Alturas, CA 53.7 Miles
43 Alturas, CA Susanville, CA 102.8 Miles
44 Susanville, CA Chico, CA 102.9 Miles
45 Chico, CA Clearlake, CA 94.4 Miles
46 Clearlake, CA Rohnert Park, CA 73.7 Miles
47 Rohnert Park, CA San Francisco, CA 78.9 Miles
48 San Francisco, CA Davenport, CA 75.6 Miles
49 Davenport, CA Monterey, CA 64.2 Miles
50 Monterey, CA Big Sur, CA 31.8 Miles
51 Big Sur, CA San Simeon, CA 65.9 Miles
52 San Simeon, CA Pismo Beach, CA 59.9 Miles
53 Pismo Beach, CA Buellton, CA 60.4 Miles
54 Buellton, CA Port Hueneme, CA 85.1 Miles
55 Port Hueneme, CA Los Angeles, CA 64.1 Miles
Total Miles  4,142.3

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